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Eberbach Monastery, Rheingau

26 Aug

Near Eltville at the Rhine in the Rheingau is the former former Cistercian monastery, Eberbach Abbey. Because of its Romanesque architecture and early Gothic buildings, it belongs to one of the most significant architectural heritage sites in Hesse Germany. Eberbach Abbey was very successful economically, principally as a result of profits from the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine. Interior scenes of the film „The Name of the Rose“ (Regie, Jean-Jacques Annaud; – D, F, I, 1986) were filmed here. (For the film see information on or the reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.)


The picture is „showing“ the dormitory, but I’m not sure. I have been there, although it seemed to be that it is not allowed at the moment. The „Stiftung Kloster Eberbach“ is going ahead with an overall refurbishment. Weiterlesen

Moritzstraße, WI – Apollo Kino-Center

15 Jun


Quite a lot people asked me at the Central Station of Wiesbaden, how to get into the city center. Well, there are a few possibilities. You can take the bus, but beware of the bus-network map. It is really discouraging. It gives the impression as being adapted for an ecdynamic megacity in Japan or China. So better ask for the right bus terminal – or take a walk (it is not too far).

You can walk down the Bahnhofstraße, the direct way. You can walk down the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee, an broadly avenue with plane trees. It leads along the park, which opens opposite of the central station. Let’s say you are interested in modern architecture, then this would be your choice. You won’t see buildings from the 19th century, for which Wiesbaden is renowned. At the end of the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee is the entrance to Wiesbadens exhibition- and convention-hall (Rhein-Main-Hallen), the Hessian Regional Museum (Hessisches Landesmuseum/Museum Wiesbaden) opposite. After crossing the Rheinstraße the famous, historically important Wilhelmstraße begins. You enter the so-called historical pentagon.
I assume you want to view Wiesbaden, the city of historicism. So it is advisable to enter the Bahnhofstraße, til the first sidestreet (Matthias-Claudius-Straße). You follow this street to the Adolfsallee. If you like what you see turn right, walk down the Adolfsallee. You will reach the Luisenplatz und with it the hstorical pentagon. But you should’nt miss the Moritzstraße. So plan to go back to the central station through the Moritzstraße. Or take the Moritzstraße first and put off the Adolfsalle to the way back. The Moritzstraße parallels the Adolfsallee. Its continuation in the historical pentagon is the Kirchgasse, the pedestrian zone.

The Moritzstraße ist very bustling, with lots of shops (but only a few of these widespread, city-center contaminating branch stores). The Moritzstraße is as authentic and original, as the Wilhelmstraße or the Marktstraße, a good place to view streets scenes, to eat something or to look for little presents (e.g., Moritzstraße 54). Near the Rheinstraße there is the Apollo Kinocenter (Moritzstraße 6). For me it is one of the best cinemas in Wiesbaden, after the Caligari), not because of the interior, but because the really bad films and the most not-need-to-see blockbusters, are shown anywhere else. Instead they show Turkish films too, which is really interesting for ambitious cinemagoer.

That day, we have gone and saw the film Mr. Bean macht Ferien (Mr Bean’s Holidays, with Rowan Atkinson). A quite well entertaining comedy with Slapstick and Screwball elements. But I don’t feel like writing more about it.