28 Jun

Bei meinen MySpace-Aktivitäten ( http://www.myspace.com/spaceflaneur) habe ich Verfreundung gemacht mit archificial aus Ile-de-France (Frankreich) –




„|daydreamer| |nightwalker| |curious of pretty little things and terribly big ideas| |flaneuse in the streets of big cities| |addicted to the beauty/|“



Ich finde das absolut super und würdige dieses Profil mit einem Zitat ( – „Och-nö, nicht schon wieder ein Zitat!„):

One of the most important field techniques in contemporary geography is talking to people (or interviewing them, if you wish to be more pretentious.) A good interviewer must learn how to make people want to talk to him, and enjoy talking to him. We need to talk to all kinds of people, on their own turf and at their own level, whatever that level may be, to find out what they think, why and how they do things and what values they hold dear.

Quelle: Hart, J. F. (1982): The Highest Form of the Geographer’s Art. In: Annals Association American Geographers 72, 1-29 (p. 25).

PS: Auf Virb° tut sich übrigens gar nichts – nur ein wenig Spam.


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