About Photojournalism in The Navidson Record (Mark Z. Danielewski)

27 Mai

„Photojournalism has frequently been lambasted for being the product of circumstance. In fact rarely are any of these images considered in terms of their composition and semantic intent. They are merely news, a happy intersection of event and opportunity. It hardly helps that photographs in general also take only a fraction of a second to acquire.It is incredible how so many people can constantly misread speed to mean ease. This is certainly most common where photography is concerned. However simply because anyone can buy a camera, shutter away, and then with a slightly prejudiced eye justify the product does not validate the achievement. Shooting a target wit a rifle is accomplished with similar speed and yet because the results are so objective no one suggests that marksmanship is easy. In photojournalism the celerity with which a moment of history is seized testifies to the extraordinary skill required. Even with the help of computerized settings and high-speed films, an enormous amount of technical information must still be accounted for in very little time in order to take a successful shot. A photojournalist is very much like an athlete. Similar to hockey players or bodyboarders, they have learned and practiced over and over again very specific movements. But great photographers must not only commit to reflex those physical demands crucial to handling a camera, they must also refine and internalize aesthetic sensibilities. There is not time to think through what is valuable to a frame and what is not. Their actions must be entirely instinctual, immediate, and the result of years and years of study, hard work and of course talent.“

Source: Danielewski, M. Z. (2000): House of Leaves. – Pantheon Books, New York, p. 419


Eine Antwort to “About Photojournalism in The Navidson Record (Mark Z. Danielewski)”

  1. mawerner Juni 13, 2008 um 6:10 am #

    Interessante, sehr informative und recht ausführliche Informationen über die Verwendung der Photographie zur Dokumentierung von Ereignissen und ihre Verbreitung durch die Presse erhält man auch von: Boltanski, L. (2006): Die Rhetorik des Bildes, S. 137-164. In: Bourdieu, P.; L. Boltanski et al.: Eine illegitime Kunst. Die sozialen Gebrauchsweisen der Fotografie. Europäische Verlagsanstalt, Hamburg (Orig. erschienen 1965)

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