Cinema, Media and Geography

17 Apr

Everybody who is interested in cinema, media and geography should keep an eye on the publication of this book:

The Geography of Cinema

Abstract (from „This book addresses questions surrounding the constructions of space, culture, society, identity and representation. The geography of cinema extends beyond the screen, director and audience, to include the wider industrial and political complex of the cultural economy. In this sense, culture can be viewed as an economic commodity set within the broader frame of globalization and postmodernism. A cinematic world occupies a territory between our city’s streets, the Cineplex, the TV set, and our geographical imagination and identity. These contexts invite inquiries into the production, distribution, exhibition, and consumption of film as well as global cinema, hapticalities of viewing, critical political economies, and cinematic ethnographies. We believe this collection provides unique and eclectic insights into the exciting and emerging subfield of film geography.


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