Ecology Blogs?

12 Jan

I was asked for more ecology-weblogs and why I don’t list them in my blogroll.

Most ecology weblogs doesn’t suit to the objective of this weblog. But I am used to visit the ESA-Weblog (Ecological Society of America), the International Biogeography Society Blog and the Resilience Science-Blog. There you can find links to other ecology blogs. Here is a small list of ecology blogs, too. A very beautiful and interesting blog is [I’m a chordata, urochardata!].

If you know more interesting ecology or biogeography blogs, please let me know.


Eine Antwort to “Ecology Blogs?”

  1. qtonka November 20, 2009 um 9:53 pm #

    Be sure, that in Poland there is one Eco-blog!
    You can translate by translator, if only want :)
    Just know, that eco-blogs exist!
    One more – we connect this idea with travelling on bikes. Really recommend!

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