Kaiserslautern (Rhineland-Palatinate)

21 Mai

Fisch in Kaiserlslautern

The official emblem of the city Kaiserslautern displays a fish, a pike. Once before the river Lauter was overbuilt, it flew through the city and the people used the clean water to dispose fishponds. Because the fishponds were dried up, the visitors now could wonder about the fish in the emblem. But before they have the opportunity to have a look at the emblem, they are confronted with very cute colourful fish-sculptures. Eyecatching and astonishing. Not too many of them, few scattered on several places in the urban area, e.g. on traffic islands, on roofs and, as a matter of course, in the lobby of the town hall.

In the year of 2001 Kaiserlsautern celebrated an anniversary: 725 years ago the city recieved its town charter. The citizens, school classes, business people, companies, clubs designed 242 fish sculptures for a project called „Fishing for Fantasy„. The blank was created by the artists Gernot Rumpf and Karl Seiter.

If anybody know how many of these fishes can be found?


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