Frankfurt’s parallel existence in Second Life

18 Mrz

Frankfurt will be the first german metropolis mirrored in the Internet-Simulation of Second Life.  All (really all?) places and objects of interest will be constructed. The experienced webuser know, that Second Life is a „3D online digital word, which is imagined, created and owned by its own residents“. Architects in charge, constructing engineers, project managers and building workers of SL Frankfurt are the designers and media manager from ffm crossmedia, so it would be better off talking about developing or programming a SL-Frankfurt.  
I wonder, if they (the Frankfurt developers) have to charge money for building a whole city in SL, and how much, and, where they get the money from. In between I am surprised talking about „building a whole city“ in SL. Furthermore, I wonder if SL-Frankfurt will be an idealized townscape, a branded landmark, a place for flagship stores and branch offices, adorned with brands and labels. Finally I wonder, if there would be the possibility for SL-Eintracht Frankfurt (the local football-team) to qualify for the Champions League. I want to find out, where I could send applications, for example to work as a branch officer or, better suited, as a town chronicler. Yet, do avatar feel pain?
I hope discussions will be emerging, for example at the Pflasterstrand-Weblog (Link).


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